Why is the system not accepting the Docket No. that I am entering?
You will need to confirm that you have entered the Docket No. correctly. A very common cause for error in entering the Docket Number is mistaking the letter O for the number 0. The first one or two characters of the Docket Number (the one or two characters in front of the first dash), are ALWAYS letters. Therefore, when you see O or OO, they are NOT zeroes.

Please be sure to enter it exactly as it appears on the actual Order of Protection. The proper format is a one or two-digit capital letter, a dash (-), a five-digit number, a dash (-), followed by a two-digit number usually representing the year of the filing. There are no spaces in the Docket No. It should look like this: B-12345-20 or BB-12345-20.

If your Order of Protection has been modified or extended by the court, they may have added some characters to the end of your original Docket No. Generally, that new Docket No. will be your original Docket No. followed by a forward slash / followed by two numbers and one or two capital letters e.g. 34A or 34AA. So, in those cases where the Order of Protection was modified or extended, the Docket No. may look similar one of the four numbers docket formats: B-12345-18/34A, B-12345-18/34AA, BB-12345-18/34A or BB-12345-18/34AA.